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    Acrobat bug - blank page


      Hi there,


      I've searched and scoured forums for an answer befitting my problem, but still to no avail!


      I created a PDF document in InDesign where one of the pages uses white text against a colored background (all of the other pages are black text against white background). And when I export the document and open it in Acrobat, this last page always appears blank (even though my default 'create a new page' has an image in the header and page numbers - when I add a new page with nothing else on it after my problem page and export, I still come across the same problem on my color-background page with white text).


      Using Apple Preview there is no problem - the same document is flawless, this page looking normal with text, background and all. Plus, when testing on my colleagues computers using Acrobat, there is no problem! And they had all of the default settings too. The page appears perfectly. Additionally, I have other similar documents (with one single page where there's white text + color background) and they all have the same bug! Only on my computer though. It's definitely something in my settings, but what, I don't know. Page display, print overview, I've tried playing with all of the settings but nothing changes it.


      I have tried resetting my preferences, uninstalling and reinstalling Acrobat, and still nothing works. Any tips or advice is welcome and appreciated! Thanks in advance.