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    Html5 and rtmp





      We acquired "Adobe Media Server 5 Standard" in the "Update" package on 15/09/2015.


      Since we encounter a very precise worry, it is indeed impossible for us to read our live streaming (RTMP) on an HTML5 reader.


      Flash has been announced at the end of life by your services soon, it becomes essential for us to be able to continue working without the Flash player.


      It is well-documented in your documentation that Adobe Media Server is compatible with HTML5 players.


      We tried to create the manifest with your administration interface, without success.


      Another track read in a tutorial would be the use of Expat and Netscape Portable Runtime modules that apparently were not installed at the same time as Adobe Media Server.


      Our server configuration: Linux CentOS 6

      Our input encoder: Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2



      Thank you in advance for your help,