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    RichTextEditor and Scrolling

    goat_boy Level 1
      I'm using a RichTextEditor for a chat program. As the users type the text gets placed in the RichTextEditor but the scrollbar does not go to the bottom of the screen. I've tried the following but this does not seem to work for RichTextEditor. valueCommit="conversation.verticalScrollPosition=conversation.maxVerticalScrollPosition"
      Is there a solution to getting the scrollbar to move down as the text area fills up?
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          goat_boy Level 1
          I found the solution. You have to access the TextArea child that's inside the RichTextEditor. The following will move the scrollbar position to the bottom for a RichTextEditor: (look at the valueCommit)

          <mx:RichTextEditor id="rte" valueCommit="rte.textArea.verticalScrollPosition=rte.textArea.maxVerticalScrollPosition"/ >