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    Two XMP files??

    alanc94157700 Level 1

      Hi there,

      As you can see from the screen clip I have an odd situation.  For some reason some of my CR2 files have 2 XMP files.  Note the filename has 'filename.CR2.XMP' and then a partner 'filename.XMP'.  Can anyone advise on what I might have done to land up with this issue.
      Another screenclip:

      IMG_0522.CR2.xmp above has no IMG_0522.xmp file which is of some concern.


      Also there is a number of files with 'tif' in the extension that also have an 'xmp' extension.  Not all files have both types of 'XMP' files but all of them have the
      extension(s) 'filename.CR2.XMP' as can be seen here;

      IMG_1046 to 1044 have only CR.XMP.
      Note also how much smaller they are.


      I'm baffled to say the least.  What is really bizarre is that this has only occurred with all my photos from a recent trip to Patagonia.  All the images in the subfolders of the main 'Patagonia' folder have this problem.  Photos I have taken since are okay.  One XMP file per CR2.


      Using LR 7.1 CC and PS 19.0 on Windows 10.  I have Topaz and NIK but not all files that have 2 XMP files have been used in either of these plugins.  Besides which they both convert to TIF.


      Any ideas??