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    How to convert from line chart data to CSV format

      Hi ,
      I am using Flex 3 and AS.
      I am getting data from MS SQL and display the data as line chart this is ok.
      But i want to convert this line chart data to CSV or .xsl format.I find one example in fourms the from data grid to CSV
      For this URL is http://www.abdulqabiz.com/blog/archives/flash_and_actionscript/datagriddataexporter.php
      But i want Line chart to CSV.Please help me.
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          atta707 Level 2
          Line chart is a just a visual representation of some data that's sitting in your database. Isn't it? You load this in Flex, probably using HTTPService class, and pass it to some chart object.

          Now when use says that she needs it in CSV format, you're gonna have to send another request to the server to produce the same data, convert into CSV or XLS format and let user download it.

          Of course, if use doesn't want to download, you don't have to go to the server, at least for CSV format. You can convert the same data that used plot the chart to convert to CSV.

          Am I missing something here?