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    Annotation Subject Property




      I use extensively the annotations of PDF files, especially the Highlight type.

      More precisely, I use the annotation "subject property".

      I'm using it to identify each annotation with many subjects.

      For example, I can write the following subjects in the subject property of a specific annotation:


          scientific method; scientific truth; Karl Popper; testability; confirmation;


      As you can see, I separate each subject with a semicolon and each annotation has many subjects.

      Keep in mind that I work with dozens of PDF files, so I have hundreds of annotations and hundreds of topics.


      The problem is that I do not know of any PDF software that can extract these topics and present them in alphabetical order so that I can track my topics. I can search within comments but it is not sufficient since I have to remember each subject by hearth or to write them down on a paper.


      • I need to product a list
        • of all my subject (which are separated by semicolons in the subject property of each annotation);
        • of all annotations;
        • within all PDF files in a given folder.
      • That list has to be in alphabetical order.
      • Subjects should appear only once in the list even if subjects appear multiple times in the annotation set.
      • In the list, each letter of the alphabet must be separated by an empty line.
      • A count of each subject must be beside each of them.


      For example,

          confirmation (23)

        (blank line)

          Karl Popper (56)

        (blank line)

          scientific method (103)

          scientific truth (75)

        (blank line)

        testability (17)


      So the solution, I think, would be to program a script with JavaScript which I could run from a console or from a .js file installed in a specific folder.


      Do you know the existence of such a script or a similar script which I can modify?




      François Maurice

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          That is something that will have to be custom-developed for your needs. I've created very similar scripts for my clients in the past, and would be happy to work on this project for you. Feel free to contact me (try6767 at gmail.com) if you're interested in hiring someone to do it for you.