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    Problems rendering Video from PS CC 2018 Win10 x64

    christophecuny Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I know Photoshop is no Premiere or After Effects, but I am encountering several problems rendering out a video clip to which I applied some changes in Photoshop CC 2018.


      The first issue I have is that the original is a MOV with Alpha that I intended to output to MOV with Alpha after the edits. But in my rendering options, I have only image sequence or H.264 (which does not accommodate transparency). Now I should have the MOV option, which I have seen demonstrated in rendering from PS, but it's just not there. What is happening please? And while I am on the subject, is there not also an option to output to uncompressed AVI which ca accomodate alpha too.


      The second issue I have is that I don't get to preview the composite result: it just jumps around a few times and stops when it reaches the end (I expected a very slow process as each frame is rendered, followed by a much quicker playback when all frames have been rendered, but it just does not do that.). So I tried to loop it, thinking it had to do several passes to render all frames properly before previewing ....and I just could not get out of the loop from hell. No amount of escape, cancel, spacebar pressing etc could get me out. Taskbar End Process job. Which brings me on to...


      Not having found a MOV or AVI option, I tried to test render the video to H.264. Loop from hell again: not only could I not escape or cancel the render, but I could not navigate to another window to keep working on something else (outside PS, I mean). Somehow, each frame render to disk seems to hog focus and all resources so I am completely stuck. Surely that is a bug, not a feature. So, you guesed it: Taskbar End Process.


      I know some will say: use Premiere or After Effects, but I specifically want to do this in PS because I am using tools not available in other Adobe softs. Also, while I understand that any video operation is much more efficiently handled in Premiere and After Effects, I still expect PS video to work, albeit slowly. So I may be doing something wrong regarding the rendering options, but that does not explain the loop from hell issue.


      I would really appreciate your pointers and suggestions, as always.


      Thank you for your assistance.