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    Export Variable Data Sets as PDFs

    MileHighJerome Level 1

      I often work with variable data sets with thousands of lines of information. I love the Variable Data option in Photoshop, however; I don't understand why it only lets me export the data sets as PSDs. It doesn't give me the option to export them as a PDF.


      This creates an extra step for me, having to convert the PSDs to PDFs, which takes a long time because of how many files it has to process.


      Does anyone know if this will be added in the future? The fact that it's not already an option surprises me.

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          macpawel Adobe Community Professional


          It's normal you can save only PSD file. Why?

          Sometimes you have to adjust some texts, sometimes you have to change graphic and/or it's position


          If you save as PSD file its easy to finally correct your image.


          If you need to use PDF you can easily prepare action to convert your images to PDF - if you prepare Droplet - just drag your images over droplet icon in one step.


          But if your drstination file is PDF you can also prepare variables (even the same data) and use it as a Data Merge in InDesign. This way you can output PDF file as default (or inDesign)



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            MileHighJerome Level 1

            Ah, okay. Thanks macpawel. I never thought of using InDesign. I'll try that next time I have a big project with variable data.


            However, I don't need to adjust text/images/graphics on a majority of the variable data projects I work on; they are mostly unique codes that stay in the same position the whole time. Hence why I only need a PDF, and not a PSD.