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    text displays on screen but some items do not print

    spencers71172196 Level 1

      I have had several /pdf files recently the do not print correctly.  On example was a depreciation schedule generated by our software and printed to Adobe to create the PDF.  Some portions would not pring using Adobe Standard XI.  If I opened the file with Chrome in Windows 10, it printed fine.

      Another example is an online tax form.  Specifically Campbell County KY, Form CC-3.  I completed the form by filling in the relevant fields.  Most of the data entered printed, except the items in boxes 8a, 9, 10 and 13.


      I've tried opening with Adobe Standard XI, Adobe Reader which I downloaded just today as part of the testing, Chrome and Microsoft Edge.  I have tried selecting print as image as well,  I've tried multiple PC's and tried reinstalling the printer locally with the most recent drivers.  Why are some elements not printing?  This is maddening!!