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    Component /RemoveMovieClip Malfunction

      When I add a Text Area component to a MovieClip symbol - the MovieClip is exported for Actionscript, but not yet applied in the Actions panel - all removeMovieClip instances in my code do not work. If I delete just the Text Area component from the Library, all removeMovieClip instances in my code work once again. Any help on why this is happening, and most importantly how I can fix this problem? Thanks in advance!
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          clbeech Level 3
          it states in the docs that if you use and calls to getNextHighestDepth() with version 2 Component instances they may not work - this is due to depth assignments becoming changed by the component and return a false depth outside the possible range. So I'm guessing you've used getNextHighestDepth when attaching MC instances. to remedy assign depths rather than using the method.
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            Thanks for the help on this clbeech! That's clears things up for me. I always use MovieClip.getNextHighestDepth() :oops: . I just tried using MovieClip.unloadMovie(), but that doesn't work either. It works a little better, but only as good as MovieClip.clear() - by that, I mean that the MovieClip will be removed the first time the codes executes, then it reacts the same as removeMovieClip(), which does not work at all. I am going to have to look into the DepthManager class, and see what it can do for me. Thanks again!
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              I've decided to use swapDepths() just before I use removeMovieClip(). It works great!

              removeMC_btn.onRelease = function():Void {
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                clbeech Level 3
                that's exactly right - the removeMovieClip() method only works for instances that have been added using attachMovie() or duplicateMovieClip() methods - in order to use it on MCs that were added in the IDE one must first use swapDepths() - nice work.