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    How to crop a triangle shape out of a rectangular shape?

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      I'm using Photoshop CC to make planner printables and I really want to create one of those flag-style shapes where the triangle is cut out on the end. It's usually referred to as a Bunting Flag or a Pennant Flag. Essentially, it's a rectangle that is missing a triangle shape at the end of it. It's also often used as the shape for bookmarks (like the shape often used to represent a bookmark). I've been using Photoshop for a few weeks while I've been making these printables and I've figured out the basics, I feel like, and I've successfully made things like Chevron patterns where the pattern shape was already sort of preset into the program. I tried drawing the shape using the Line Tool but then I couldn't figure out how to successfully fill in the shape with a color. I also tried putting a rectangle over it at the end of the shape and using the Subtract Top Shape feature under Layers but it would only cut out the triangle portion that was overlaying the rectangle and left the rest of the square that wasn't overlaying the rectangle.


      In short, I'm looking for a way to create a banner/flag style custom shape very much like a Bunting or a Pennant flag where it's a rectangle with a triangle cut out at the end (often used as an icon to represent a bookmark) and be able to save it to Photoshop as a custom shape to make it easier to use in the future.

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          Crops are rectangular you cam mask to any shape.  Pixels outside the shape will be mask off.  Document are rectangular. Some File formats support transparence the image displayed for the document can be any shape.  Jpeg doe not support transparency jpeg image will always be rectangular Shape layers can be filled witt color , gradient or a pattern and  can have layer style effects added.  image can be masked to any shape. A path you creat can be defined as a custume shape.


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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            Use the rectangular Shape tool and drag out the rectangle.

            Select the Pen tool, and hover over the end line untill you see a small + next to the cursor, and click to add a new point

            Hold down the Ctrl key (Cmd on a Mac) and drag the new point to the left.

            Hold down the Alt key, which will change the cursor and click on your new point.

            With the Shape layer selected, open the Edit menu and click on Define Custom Shape.

            Your new Shape will now appear in the Custom Shapes

            You can give the Shape layer a flag distortion with Free Transform (Ctrl T or Cmd T). Start the FT process and click on the Warp icon (top right below).  Then use the drop-down (top left) and select Flag.  You can control the amount with the handle on the shape.


            You can then save the same layer as a new custom shape, and give a different name.

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              davescm Adobe Community Professional


              Alternative method :


              1. Use the shape tool to draw a rectangle


              2. Change to the polygon tool - set sides to 3 and path options to subtract front shape


              3. Draw the triangle and use the path selection tool (black arrow) to position it


              The shape layer remains editable and you can therefore change the fill color in the options bar: