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    Adobe Sign Security


      need to have a form for students to attache the required confidential document for admission such as transcript, financial info, etc. Is Adobe Sign database a secure place to store/archive such documents? Please advise.

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          ScottCarter Employee Moderator


          Adobe Sign is a very secure system, and allows for field level masking if needed.

          We support HIPPA and PCI compliance, which defines a pretty robust set of controls.


          The trick with compliance is in how you use the tool, and who else has access to the agreements.

          By default, Adobe Sign insulates each user (Sender) from all others, even the ones in the same account.

          Sharing of information is an overt action between users, so it can't accidentally happen.

          Admins have the authority to gather field information in Reports, but that type of functionality can be suppressed.


          My recommendation would be to sign up for a Trial account and test it out. 

          While you have your trial going, contact Sales so they can assist you with questions regarding features and configuration for your specific purpose.

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            katiar84044921 Level 1

            Thank you for the quick reply!

            We are your client from Foothill De Anza community college. So I am gonna do some testing. Thanks!