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    Am I able to install Acrobat DC onto a remote machine without buying additional licenses?




      I need to install Adobe Acrobat DC onto a remote desktop (a VM running Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard) for a client. This is a hosted environment. The client has already purchased five licenses for use on their company laptops and have registered these with Adobe. The client told me that (according to Adobe) a single Adobe license allows you to install the software onto two different machines without buying additional licenses (assuming that you're not logged into both at the same time).


      How would I go about installing the software onto the remote machine so that all of the clients can switch back and forth between their company laptops and the remote computer and have access to Acrobat in both places? Each of them has a personal account that they need to log onto the remote computer which is separate from their Adobe ID or laptop login. Is there a way to install Acrobat DC onto the remote machine using their existing licenses? Or would they need to purchase more licenses?


      Thank you.