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    please help with my flash problem


      when i press a button in flash i input information into an datagrid. But if i place the datagrid on another frame and press the button and then switch to the frame the datagrid is on it doesnt show information. If i have it on the same frame it shows the information when i press the button. How can i make the datagrid keep the information on another frame?

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          It's really not clear to me what you're asking.  Are you talking about Flex?  Are you working with two datagrids in the same instance, or are you talking about two instances on the same page in different HTML iFrames?


          Also, Adobe stopped supporting Flex back in 2011, at which point we donated it to the Apache foundation. 

          Apache Flex®


          I'd strongly recommend working through some getting started tutorials.  I think a lot of this stuff would be really clear afterwards.  Training sites like lynda.com have really excellent content that would get you on solid footing rather quickly, and many offer free trials.