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    How to make link attachments functional in browser view


      This doesn't necessarily pertain to Adobe specifically, but more pdf/browser compatibility; I figured this forum would have more knowledge of pdfs than chrome. I have pdfs that have file attachments to other pdfs in the file. When I open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent the links work fine, but if it's opened in the browser (which is the typical default setting) the links aren't there. This is inconvenient when sending to other people who do not have Acrobat. I was wondering if there was any way to open these in the browser and enable the attachment links? Any way to make browser pdf reader more than just "view-only"? I know Acrobat is no longer supported by most browsers since NPAPI add-ons became obsolete, but is there any alternative? There has got to be SOME way, I know technology is far too advanced for there not to be. If anyone knows of anything, whether it be "safe" or not, I would be glad to hear it. Even if it's just a possibility, I'll take it. I've been digging pretty deep, and so far, no luck.