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    Can you stop draggables stretching arms via a strength parameter somewhere?

    alank99101739 Level 4

      When using draggers for a jointed arm, sometimes you need to be careful to extend the arm out sideways or else the arm joint might flip the wrong way. (There is probably the "right" way to do bones to minify this...  happening. My best strategy so far is to try and perfectly line up the two arm bones, then add a dragger for the elbow to use in emergencies.)


      For example the following shows left and right hands with draggers ending up in the same position, but the one on the right move straight upwards and resulted in the arm flipping inwards.

      The easy work around is to move the dragger in an arc from lower to upper position, so the arm extends out straight. But I find getting this arc right hard to do still. If you go out too widely, the arm will distort and stretch.


      You don't get distortion staying close to the body because of the bones. Bones dont allow compaction of the arm where the bone is. However they still allow stretch. Is it possible to turn off this stretch? Or define a mesh or dragger parameter that says the max stretch allowed - some way where I can do a big generous arc with the mouse without the arm stretching at the same time. The drag point would be in the direction of the mouse, but limited how far out it can go. This would hopefully help me make movements faster and look more natural, without having to get the mouse trajectory "just right".


      PS: I know I can slow down the recording speed, which does help - just wondering if there was another setting I had missed.