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    Diversity of people in images?


      I work for a school and shoot most of my own photos, but recently subscribed to Adobe Stock because I could see some areas where stock photos would be useful. I've been a little bit frustrated (and surprised in the year 2018) to find so many pages and pages of white children when I've done searches (with a sprinkling of Asian kids here and there). For example a search of kids+Legos.  There were a couple of darker skinned toddlers, but I didn't see any school-aged kids in photos that suited my purposes.

      Is this something I'm going to encounter over and over again? Should I save my school the subscription money?

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          joon.Stock Adobe Employee

          It simply means that there aren't many photos portraying school aged children of colors playing lego, feel free to be more specific on your search terms i.e. "asian kids lego" or bit more general on your search "asian kids playing blocks" you may experience better results based on what's available.  And if you find some image you like, you can search based on that image by doing "find similar" search (you can see this menu from hover or from image details" at the same time you can remove some of search terms on search input field - your results will be more.

          For example: try this Asian photos, royalty-free images, graphics, vectors & videos | Adobe Stock


          Hope this help, and sorry for inconvenience.



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