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    Form Button Executing Check Box "Select All"


      Hello All or should I say anyone interested,


      Being completely new to the use of JavaScript I did some research and located a script I could use for a button in a form I created that basically selects all of the checkboxes within it as a workflow enhancement for the end user. I works beautifully on a PC or Mac within Reader however when the form is opened on a mobile device also within Reader the button does absolutely nothing. Is this a compatibility issue with mobile platforms? Or will the script require some tweaking to work in both environments?


      See script below:


      var fn = new Array();

      fn = ["Power", "Flex Fit Ergo", "Wheel Steering", "Pushing the Cart", "Probe Ports", "USB Ports", "RJ45 Network", "External DVI", "Monitor", "Probe Care", "DVD Burner", "Remote Service", "Insite", "Live Assist", "New Exam", "Entering/Changing", "Search/Create", "Probe/Application", "2D Gain/ Active", "4D/Multi-D", "2D/MM", "Zoom Knob", "Quick Apps", "Trackball Button", "Measure/Caliper", "Layout Button", "Flex/TGC's", "Record Button", "Freeze/2D Freeze", "Clear/Text", "Active Mode Tab", "2D Specific Touch", "Doppler Specific", "Virtual Apex", "HD/ACE", "Store Mode", "Retro/Pro", "TP Shortcut", "Caliper/Measure", "User Def Formula", "Configuring M&A", "Post-Process", "Edit Measure", "Report Templates", "Structured Findings", "Patient List", "Select PT", "Image Review", "Exam Tabs", "Delete Image", "Report Gen/Worksheet", "Transfer/Import", "HiRes Dicom", "Format Media", "Save As", "MpegVue", "Disk Management", "Addendum"];



      for (var i = 0; i < fn.length; i++) {

          if (this.getField(fn[i]).type == "checkbox") {

              this.getField(fn[i]).checkThisBox(0, true) ;