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    Photoshop is not finding my E: Drive, yet it's using my C: (OS) and D: (System Reserved)


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      Basically, when I go to preferences, It only lists my C: and D: drive, but not my E: drive, and I really need to save what I'm working on. However, Photoshop is only using my OS Drive and System Reserve (C: and D:). Thing is, I have Hundreds of gigs free now because I tried uninstalling literally hundreds of programs while trying to chip away at my project slowly, while every time I work on my project, I get two steps in and then I get hit with the Scratch Disks are full message. I know, I did the silliest thing possible, but I had to clear up that space later anyways. So how do I add my E: drive into the preferred Scratch Disks? Thanks.