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    Frustrated (cancelled my subscription) - LR CC sync all photos is not practical on "medium" speed internet connection.


      As well as poor internet speeds here in the country, I would use up 20G cloud space in a very short time. So after reading for a bit sounds like moving back to Classic is the answer. Hummm... no longer on my computer! So do I reinstall? Forgive me but I have an urgent job I need to get out the door and I was very comfortable with my previous set up. My short attention is being fed by a end of day deadline. I couldn't get any support for almost an hour. What I was actually trying to do was quite my subscription and just buy a single license of LR Classic. I know its possible and available because I can read about it. Not an option on my dashboard in the account plan! If been using LR for many years. Great tool! No complaints about the product. Sorry I had to cancel my subscription. Oh.... and I also get a cancellation fee of half the remaining monthly charges to end of my annual contract. Nice!  If you only knew how many referrals and times I have helped set up LR for new users.  No doubt there was an easier path back to the classic version.... if you have time to figure it out. I did not.


      Sorry had things to do so I've installed the Alien Skin Exposure X3 30 day free trial.  Very intuitive and many of the controls are familiar.