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    How to sign field after someone else has signed when all fields become read only?

    rodm39551196 Level 1

      I have a document that needs to be signed by a lot of people continuously over a 2-3 week period.


      Progressively as you work down the form, the fields will be signed for each line in a table to signify something has been completed.


      Can i allow more signatures to be added whilst not allowing the previous signatures within the same file to be edited, moved or deleted?


      As it stands right now for example :           


           The first row gets signed we close the pdf and save the work for the day.

           Come in the next day to sign the second row and the fields are all locked.


      We want to be able to continue signing down the page.


      I do know of the current signature field settings.

      Digital Signature Properties -> "Mark as read-only": --> "all fields" OR "all fields except these" OR "Just these fields"


      However neither of these functions are what i am after.


      Any Help please