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    SnowBrush - Brush manager source code

    EnsilZah_ Level 1

      Hey, so I wrote this brush manager a while back.

      It has since been made somewhat redundant by the 2018 update, but I figured I'd release it for learning purposes.

      It still has a few features that people might prefer, like tabs, search by name, being able to change tools while maintaining the same brush profile, a watch folder of brushes that can be shared between people on the same network, etc.


      The new 2018 update breaks how some of the code works, so it should only work for 2015-2017.

      I might fix it for 2018 at some point in the future if I have the time.

      It's been a bit of a learning experience for me, since I'm mostly an art guy and not a professional coder, so some of the coding choices might not be optimal.


      You can find the repository here: GitHub - EnsilZah/Photoshop_SnowBrush: Brush manager for Photoshop



      How it looks:



      Basic explanation of how it works (Older version)