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    Re: How to properly credit an Adobe stock image

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      Hello forums,


      Is it true that if I use the photos from your companies inside my mobile apps, then I don't need to give credits or attributions to the authors of photographers ?  That is what one of your co-worker told me via chat.



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          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

          Branching into a new discussion,


          Hi Thanh,


          Thanks for reaching out to the Stock team. If you are using any unmodified images from our Stock website you must include a credit line to the photographer, however, if the images are modified, the credit line becomes optional.


          Additionally, I would like to let you know that if you are showcasing your work to the larger audience in the form of your mobile app or if you are commercializing your mobile then you must include a credit to the photographer.


          Please note: It entirely depends on what type of modifications are being made, for example, if it's just the colour change then the credit line must be included. However, if the changes are on a wider level, the credit to the photographer becomes optional.


          Hope this information helps!


          Feel free to update this thread in case of any additional questions.




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