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    Cannot Open Premiere Pro Project on Another Computer


      Hello everyone,


      I was told to post about my issue here after Adobe Customer Support failed to help me in any way. (In fact, my experience with customer support was one of the worst I have had in the last couple of years - total disaster! And I know what I'm talking about: I worked in customer service myself for a while. Is there any place I can complain about the lack of support?)


      The situation: I have a project on PC A, where it works without any issues. I want to transfer the project to PC B to continue working there. However, on PC B, the project cannot be opened ("The project could not be loaded it may be damaged or contain outdated elements."). I have tried various ways of transferring the project (using the Project Manager, copying the folder and used media manually etc.) - to no avail.


      PC A is running Windows 7, PC B is running Windows 10. Both are using the most recent version of Premiere Pro version (12.0.1 Build 69).


      Creating new projects on PC B works without any issues. I will gladly provide any addition information if needed!