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    C# code for adobe sign document object

    briant26288136 Level 1

      I am trying to create am IMAP Windows Service and attach an event to the OnReceivingDataStream of a email server such as google.  This part I have figured out already.  The idea behind this is that Adobe Sign has a way to auto email when a document comes in signed.  I want to embed hidden fields inside the document that have folder paths and a unique ID so my service knows how to choose which site and what folder to push the signed document to.  I saw in the Rest Client API (echo sign) there is a way to pull the form fields off the adobe object.  My issue is I have a byte array for a file.  I need code to convert that byte array to the adobe sign object so I can get fields off it.  I know I can use the rest api and just search for the signed docs; but, my plan is to be able to do this in real time and not have to schedule a search.