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    White lines around transparent gifs


      I've tried without success to eliminate the thin white line that appears around my transparent gifs in Fireworks. Does anyone know how to achieve this?
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          abeall Level 3
          The problem is how GIFs render transparency. What might help is to change the "matte" color found in the Optimize panel. It's probably set to white. Set it to match the background color of wherever the GIF is going to go.

          Because GIFs can't have semi-transparency, then anti-aliased (smoothed) edges basically have to have a background color baked into those pixels, that's what the matte color it. However, if you use PNG32 or PNG8 with Alpha Transparency, it will remain smooth. The only problem is the same problem with most things on the web: Internet Explorer. Alpha Transparency doesn't work in Internet Explorer 6 or below, without using some crazy hacks you'd have to google for.