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    Performance problem Lightroom Classic - new version


      Hi there!


      I'm using a brand new MacBook Pro 13' with 2.3GHz Intel Core i5, 8Gb, and 256GB.

      Version 2017.

      Altought using a new Mac and working with new Adobe versions, my Mac has problems with performance, when I'm working with Lightroom.

      The fan is running full power, while using filters and stuff like that or making the normal workflow.

      My Lightroom katalog and the Raw's are coming in to the program with a exernal harddrive with USB 3.0.

      But I have the same issue also when a Raw is loadet into Lightroom, directly from the Mac itselves.


      The Mac - harddrive is empty and not overloadet with programs ans stuff!


      What could be the problem, that the performance is gone!?


      Thanks for your help!