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    reference movies on harddrive Director MX 04

      Director Mx tutorial 2004 help tutorial says if your importing the "walkaround.mov" into your project that when you "add" it to select 'Link to External File"
      "Referencing media offers greater flexibility in terms of how you manage and where you locate your media assets."

      I am creating my own shockwave dvd.
      When the users pop in my dvd they will install/copy my movies (like walkaround.mov) to their hard drive.
      A Director Projecter file .exe will also be installed/copied.
      Will my .mov files be visable to user or can i do something to them to make them unviewable in the same way i created a projector file to protect users from opening and modifying my original .dir files?

      i want the advantage of only referencing my movies on users hard drive but i dont want users to be able to go in a manually look at them without using my projector .exe.

      Any ideas?