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    all i want to do is be your customer but i'm at my wits end


      Hello – I really hope this email gets through to someone who has the ability and care to take some responsibility over my customer experience and enable me to purchase the products that I have been trying to for more than two weeks now.  This will be my last attempt to communicate with a company that has such a bad attitude towards its customers.


      My ID- *****


      The problem is that I have tried many time use your online transaction service.  Both credit card and Paypal and of the something like 6 times (yes six times) and two weeks of talking to your customer services staff I still do not have ANY feedback from Adobe as to why the transactions are not going through.  I have however had feedback from my bank and separately from PayPal.  Just as an aside to this point I want you to understand that when I say I still do not have ANY feedback from Adobe, that is 100% accurate.  Each time I have tried to reach out to you I have been told that my important issue is being resolved and I should wait for a very short period of time until someone from Adobe gets right back to me. Which of course has never happened.  All our communication has been one way (me contacting you) and I have not had any response other than verbal promises that have yielded absolutely nothing in return.  On three occasions of calling your sales phone number I have been waiting on hold for more than ½ hour before speaking to anyone other than a computer.  Unsurprisingly, I do not have forever to wait around for your under-staffed phone service to actually take my call.


      After two encounters with your online chat facility and all they seem to be able to do is ask me to repeat the transactions I have already done multiple times over or mislead me with the prmise that someone will contact me.  Each time I do a transaction the same outcome occurs and I still do not have access to the software.


      HSBC my bank and credit card company claim they are unaware why none of the transactions have not gone through, and that  we have plenty of credit.  How do you explain that?


      I have multiple emails from Paypal (see copy below) saying that they have authorised the transaction but that Adobe have failed to do so.  They state - Your account will be charged when the merchant processes your payment


      Even the email address that paypal are using for your own merchant account bounces-back when I or they attempt to communicate with you.  This I have to say is entirely typical of my experience of your terrible customer service.


      How do you explain this and how do you explain that I have been promised follow-up by phone and received none?


      As I have made so many transactions trying to purchase your software that I am no longer able to use my credit card.  Why is that?



      This is typical of my customer service experience


      Virendra Singh: I can see that one of the previous cases have already been escalated for the call back.
      Virendra Singh: I will put a note on the previous case so that the call back can be arranged on a priority basis.
      ed davison: so - no attempt to get back in touch with me (a customer who has reached out and tried to pay for your product)
      ed davison: and given that this was a week ago????
      Virendra Singh: I have a solution to this Ed.
      Virendra Singh: I request you to please make the purchase again using the following link:
      Virendra Singh: Buy Plan here
      ed davison: you have not acknowledge that i have tried to do that
      ed davison: you have not listened / read my email from paypal

      Virendra Singh: Yes I have acknowledged that you have tried it 5 times
      ed davison: so why should a sixth time work?


      ed davison: doing the same thing over and over is not a solution
      ed davison: it's just doing the same thing over and over
      ed davison: saying i will get a response and then not hearing anything for over a week
      ed davison: and getting the same advice
      ed davison: can you extend the trial licence and get someone to physically call me on ********?
      Virendra Singh: You will be assisted in this chat, if you allow me to connect you to the sales team.
      Virendra Singh: They will be able to make the purchase in your account, as their system is designed to create orders.
      ed davison: what is the other system designed for then.... making people hate Adobe?
      Virendra Singh: The callback will be arranged for you.
      ed davison: good


      but of course I have not had any call from Adobe.  No effort whatsoever to resolve the issue and all they do is ask me for the 7th time to keep trying again and again.


      This is unacceptable.




      Dear ******,

      You submitted an order amounting to £496.94 GBP to Adobe Systems Ireland LTD
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      Adobe Systems Ireland LTD

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