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    How to keep PSE2018 from auto stacking edited photos

    cz35895897 Level 2

      Today I photomerged two photos for exposure. Being very satisfied with the results I saved it with a original file name with an "A" suffix.


      Was "Original.jpg", saved as "OriginalA.jpg". Did NOT have "save as version set" box checked.


      I went back to organizer to compare the results using F12 function, but only saw the new OriginalA.jpg file. Checking in Editor I could still call up the Original.jpg file so I knew it was still around.


      After a while I noticed that the old file was now "stacked" or "version set" behind the new OriginalA.jpg file, and needed to be "unstacked" to view.

      I dont like this behavior, but could not find an option to change this behavior in the Organizer or Editor preferences.

      I hope I am missing something. By default I do not want edited photos to appear as stacked automatically, let me do that.


      Where is the relevant option?