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    PDFs look crappy in Acrobat DC


      I'm creating PDFs from TIFFs, in Acrobat DC (in Win 7) and they don't look so hot. Both text and images are poorly anti-aliased. I tried going to the Prefs and changing the rendering > Smooth Text settings...they have no effect.


      One thing I noticed that seems odd is that if I save out as a .PDF and drag the file into a browser, it looks great...both text and images are nicely anti-aliased. The PDF looks fine when printed as well.


      Another odd thing is that I came across a few PDFs that were created by someone no longer working here, and in those files the text looks fine - even when the PDF is viewed in Acrobat. This text is selectable, whereas the crappy looking text in my own PDFs is not (I suspect that the text in my PDFs is being converted to bitmap). Unfortunately I don't know what methods were used by the person who created those earlier PDFs.


      Any ideas what's going on here? I tried playing around with Acrobat's Prefs...that didn't seem to help...also, I'm really looking for a solution that works on the creation side, as opposed to a view setting.