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    Background for some images not showing up in InDesign



      The background for some images (tiffs, and jpegs) is not showing up when I place the image in Indesign


      Additional info:

      The image is of a product cut out from an original photo and placed on a new background in PhotoShop. The layers have been flattened. We have been given this image and it works fine on my co workers computer. This has occurred on more than one image.


      When opened in PhotoShop the background and product appear as expected.


      When placed in InDesign the background is gone, only the product appears on a transparent background.


      I have re saved the file as a PSD and jpeg still no background, which was shocking as I know jpeg's can not support transparencies.


      However when exported for web legacy then placed in InDesign the image/background appear as expected .


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.