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    Why don't Adobe fight cracked vesions ?

    omare66266754 Level 1

      I am a student in Egypt and here one dollar equals 19 pound , so many students choose the cracked version because they can't pay for Adobe products . I thought that was wrong and it's like stealing someone's effort , but I wonder if Adobe is not fighting this may be they are not angry with these cracked versions and let students, small teams and business to work using their programs freely

      For me , I used cracked Photoshop a lot for charitable and civil works and even some very small business

      And today I am about to market a business for a place which provide courses for Adobe products , And of course it's all cracked so I am hesitant to accept . Please help me !

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Users here could not give you an official Adobe statement of what Adobe is or is not doing> Adobe would not publish anything like that. Users here are user like you not Adobe employees. We can give you no facts. If Adobe went after dishonest students all that would happen is the student would be shown to be a thief and Adobe would not recover what it cost to prosecute the student.  What makes you think Adobe  is not trying to crack down on the crackers?  What makes student think that cracked code is safe to use what did the crackers do to Adobe's software? Perhaps Adobe has put code into products the test if the product code has been altered and if that machine connects to the web report the thief.  What code is in Adobe products for dealing with activation and motoring activation status and software state.

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            terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

            In case you don't know virtually every known crack for Adobe software contains malware. The days of some enthusiastic hacker breaking into software just to prove it can be done are well and truly over. Today cracks ,hacks and keygens are produced to make money and the creators rely on that human weakness 'Greed'- wanting something for nothing.


            The trouble is the crack will be doing something behind the scenes. With Adobe cracks the most popular past time is cryptocurrency mining , which although harmless as it doesn't steal data, redirects the resources of the computer to increase the size of the hackers bitcoin wallet. Because nothing is being stolen or changed anti-virus software does not flag these cracks as dangerous. This is why the most ubiquitous of the cracks passes your AV. I'm told that some hackers make $80,000 a year doing this with as few as 20 bots in operation.


            Of course, the crack is using your internet connection heavily and if you don't have unlimited broadband this will work out expensive. The most expensive consequence is your CPU is running at near maximum while the computer is on, draining the battery on a laptop or using vast amounts of mains electricity. An infected computer uses around 5 times as much power as a normal one. This means very high electricity bills. Many people only realise something is wrong when they receive the electricity bill. In addition to all that, the computer will wear out much faster in the same way a car would if driven at 100 miles an hour all the time. So in many respects Adobe doesn't need to worry about people using cracks as they are damaging their hardware, slowing down their computer, paying more for internet and electricity and for what? -to save $10 a month. If you want to know more about malware in Adobe software look at some of the Kaspersky Labs Bulletins and you will quickly see I'm not making this up.

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              gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              My experience, cracks also cause Photoshop to malfunction. Missing 3D functions for example and then those who use it have the nerve to ask the forums for help.


              If anyone here sees that the programming libraries are tampered, that should end any attempt at help.


              It's like someone asks a store to fix a phone they carry and they see that a third party tampered with it. That store is not going to troubleshoot someone elses' unauthorized fixes.

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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                omare66266754  wrote


                Today I am about to market a business for a place which provide courses for Adobe products , And of course it's all cracked so I am hesitant to accept . Please help me !

                You should be hesitant be positive you want to do that before doing it. Is being dishonest in Egypt the norm?  Are there no laws in Egypt? You live there I do not.  You will get no help from Adobe for that business I'm quite sure. In fact Adobe may find your participation with that business is not in their best interest and now you can not even state you did no know the business was using stolen  Adobe applications. Student did you not learn anything?