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      I have a few questions regarding E-signatures:


      1. Are we able to integrate your e-signature software into our servers to use internally?
      2. Where are documents stored? Cloud or a server? (reasons is for confidentiality reasons because we are a medical company)
      3. If we need multiple signers, how do we receive all their signatures without receiving multiple documents with one signature each from every signer?
      4. What are a few reasons you stand out compared to the rest of the E-signature competition?



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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          At my institution has the enterprise level of service, it is hosted on Adobe’s servers. The service is FIRPA compliant for us to use it, I believe it is HIPPA compliant as well. You need not worry about 3, I have had documents with 10+ signers all on the same single document. The rest I will leave to Adobe.

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