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    When converting excel workbooks to PDF, internal hyperlinks no longer work in PDF


      For the last 3 years, I have regularly made updates to an excel workbook which has a table of contents with links to the individual tabs within the same workbook (using Insert>hyperlink). Each page within the workbook also has a link back to the TOC. Up until about 3 weeks ago, I've always been able to convert the excel workbook to a PDF, and have the links work in the PDF, but no longer.


      I have checked and re-checked all settings multiple times, and confirmed (also multiple times) that I am using the most current versions of both with; have used each of the methods shown on the Adobe website for converting an excel doc to PDF; and have researched the web extensively only to find that others are having this same issue, but not finding any solution.


      Please don't tell me this is a function that is no longer provided, because it is very much needed. I dread the thought of recreating this entire workbook in Word just so I can have working links again (because I've checked and internal and external links are still retained when converting a Word doc to PDF). Or worse yet, recreating all the links in Acrobat every time I have to update the excel doc.


      Please also note, I find that if I create links in an excel workbook to an external URL, the links will still work when the excel doc is converted to a PDF. It is only internal links within the excel doc itself that will no longer work.