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    Video Playback Bug


      When I import an mp4 file (I've actually tried more than one file recorded at different times) I recorded with a capture card an OBS into Premiere Pro CC and then scrub through the video to try and trim it, the video plays back very very fast, but the audio plays at normal speed. When I just play back the video without scrubbing it does fine. Even after ignoring this and trimming the video, when I export it the video and audio are highly de-synced. When I play back the video outside of Premiere Pro everything is fine. I've tried converting the files to an mov type, and they behave the same way. I've checked and the videos do not have variable frame rate, and just to be sure I use HandBrake, and the file with the for sure 30 fps behaved the same way in Premiere Pro as the other two trials. I've looked at settings and I don't even know where to begin. I've been editing with Premiere for about 6 months and it just starting doing this. I think I listed everything, but if I remember anything else I've tried I will update this via comment.