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    Upload Failed but cannot delete file


      I uploaded a number of videos into Lightning CC (web)


      When I view in Web they thumbnail is greyed out and "hover details say "upload failed for file xxxxx"

      I select the file and try and delete it from Lightroom - It asks if I want to permanently delete the file and I say "yes" -

      Count of photos goes down by 1 - BUT thumbnail still remains. _ have a number of videos with the same issue.



      If I log into Lightning CC desktop - I do not see any of these videos - AND the count of photos is less than in web version - I believe the difference is the number of videos that have "failed to upload":


      In summary Web version count appears to include "failed uploads and displays them as greyed out thumbnails - BUT if "thumbnail is deleted" - Count doesn't include it BUT thumbnail is still there.



      HOWEVER, in Desktop version the "Failed uploads don't appear in count or Thumbnails


      That's not the end of the world


      BUT if I try and upload the video again in web version I watch a message saying "uploading 1 of 1 " for a very long time and then give up.


      If I go to Desktop version - Failed video does not appear in count nor as a  thumbnail - I try and upload it and I get told "file is already uploaded"


      Have tried renaming original file and still get the same message when uploading - I love lightroom - BUT for me right now it is a very Darkroom.


      Given that these are videos I took at a  wedding - I am going edit them separately and save as completely different files and then attempt to reload changed version into Lightroom - I think I have about 40 of them - Many of my videos loaded up fine and appear in both web and desktop.

      I'm making the assumption that going forward my Photo count between desktop and web will never be the same.


      Mr/Mrs Adobe, please

      • Advise me how I can fix the issue
      • or change marketing literature and remove references to "everything in sync" across all devices
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          Binniesbay Level 1



          OK so looks like I trusted both marketing and product version1 robustness too much.

          • :I was overseas at a  wedding - Thought LightRoom would be my best soln - and it probably is.
          • Full memory card - only access to PC my daughters Mac
          • Copied contents of Card onto Mac - logged into lightroom web - uploaded files - using slow hotel internet over long periods -
          • several time outs
          • Came home connected to decent connectiona nds attempted on several occasions to up load remaining files. - ie uploading them all and assuming that Lightroom would not try and upload duplicates
          • Several times came into upload just "spinning" for hours - nothing uploading - tried again.
          • Looks like identical video was actually correctly uploaded twice - (I thought this was impossible) and up to 3 or 4 failed uploads of same video - all with their own thumbnail. -
          • When I deleted duplicate videos from Lightroom - was able to then delete the failed upload thumbnails and eventually get everything in sync.

          A salutary lesson for "converting" to Lightroom and using multiple devices to do it.