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    How to stop phone layout from opening on desktop?


      Hello to all!

      I've searched all over the Internet for the past 2 days and I can't find a solution to my problem.

      I made a site in all of the layouts ( Desktop, Tablet, Phone) and when i type my site ( www.innovationdesignstudio.com ) in my iphone or tablet it's automatically redirect

      to the right one etc. Phone or Tablet and i can't open the Desktop, which is great! BUT, when i type in my Desktop browser either of ( www.innovationdesignstudio.com/phone or www.innovationdesignstudio.com/tablet ) it let's me enter the mobile or tablet site, which is problem because i share the link from my phone and automatically types in the .../phone , and when i send it the receiver is redirected to /phone or /tablet layout no matter that he is on desktop on his computer.


      And my question is... Can i make somehow Desktops FORCE open only Desktop Layout, no matter if the link ends with /phone or /tablet ?


      I'm using AdobeMuse2018 . I've first uploaded through FileZilla from the option (export as HTML in AdobeMuse), after that i try through "Upload to FTP Host" again in AdobeMuse with no difference.


      Greetings to all!