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    Flickr missing from Publish Service


      I recently removed LR CC from my machine and plan to stay with LR Classic CC.  In removing the other program, I was asked if I wanted to remove My Preferences.  Not thinking that this would affect my current version of Classic, I chose yes.  Well, the next time I accessed LR Classic, I was prompted that my catalog was out of date and needed to be rebuilt.  After this was done, a number of viewing preferences were definitely different.  I've returned most of my settings back to the way they were but what's changed is the Publish Service.


      I couldn't get the Flick publish service to re-authorize my account.  After numerous attempts, I gave up and choose to delete the service, thinking that I could create a new one.  Now the Flickr publish service is no longer showing and available.  How can it the Flickr publish service back?