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    Unable to right click convert to PDF unc path

    edwards37791962 Level 1

      Acrobat Pro DC 2017 Classic - 17.011.30070

      Office 2016 Pro Plus x86 - 16.0.4266.1001

      Windows 10 - 1703


      I have one user who is having a weird issue where she cannot created pdf documents from the unc path.  She is right clicking on documents from her desktop or documents folder that is redirected via gpo via policy.  So far only one user is hacing this issue and if i log in as test or other users on her machine they do not have the issue.  I have ruled out the machine since i can repro the issue with her account on multiple machines.  i have Rulled out the app since i have done a repair and the issue happens on other machines with her account.  I have ruled out the documents since most are test documents i have created to prove the problem.

      Seems to be office applications mostly since i am able to convert using the unc path with a txt file.


      Running processs explorer i see the command - "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 2017\Acrobat Elements\Acrobat Elements.exe" "FILENAME"


      I did a test by opening a command window as the user and running this to confirm the issue.


      "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 2017\Acrobat Elements\Acrobat Elements.exe" "<COMPANY>.com\<OFFICE>\HOME\<DEPT>\<USER>\Testing.docx"



      I receive this error when it points to a unc path



      Create Adobe PDF


      The file you have selected for conversion doesn't have any data (Zero length file).

      Please select another file.





      open a cmd window as the user and run this with the network letter, it works.  On the same document no problem

      "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 2017\Acrobat Elements\Acrobat Elements.exe" "<NETWORK DRIVE LETTER>\Test\Testing.docx"


      The user can

      print to pdf from office apps - saving to unc or drive letter - no problem

      convert from inside adobe, from inside office apps using acrobat ribbon - saving to unc or drive letter no problem

      Open pdf / office documents via cmd line to unc or drive letter no problem

      combine pdf documents via right click - from desktop (unc path) or drive letter no problem

      **convert txt documents from desktop via right click, just not office applications**  - not sure why a txt works with unc and office documents dont

      antivirus was disabled and issue was reproducible

      distiller opens no problem

      all acrobat jox options tested with deleted or copy from working machine

      all pdf print settings reset ( happens across multiple machines)

      We dont have much in AD for any folder redirection / profile or account settings, all is done via gpo and there are only a few settings


      The problem is our home drives are redirected via gpo to the unc path for each user

      This is the only user who has this problem.  it is not the machine, the profile, or the policy since it does not work for her only on several machines.  She has rights to create edit or delete from the location - usually the desktop or documents folder is the document location


      I have tried everything

      Repro with same user on different machines, physical and virtual

      disable all profile systems

      disable any folder redirection

      disabled any sync services

      not an issue with another user on the same machine

      disable different

      cleared out the app data folders on multiple machines

      exported and imported working reg keys from working machines

      cleared out class id keys

      confirmed same keys exist in her account as working accounts.

      Made sure there was not synch or anything synching through work folders

      repair install on each machine for acrobat already run

      clean install already run

      reset security rights on network drive.


      Are there any logging options that i can set on acrobat elements to see where this problem is?