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    Merge composite clip with audio clip yields black screen (audio only; lose video)

    dgbTO Level 1

      New to Premiere Pro, going to love it, but...


      Working on a doc project, recorded double-system, C300 camera with its own [poor] onboard mic, and roving sound recordist getting good quality sound.  In Premiere, did a merge clip on one such take, electing to replace the composite clip's original audio and it worked beautifully. Tried it on another such take, and... video on the merged clip is gone--that is, just a black screen, with the new audio.  Tried it many times.  Tried NOT replacing the original audio, and ended up with more tracks (but, oddly, the first four tracks have NOTHING on them; the last three are fine, and they're the ones from the sound recordist).  Tried selecting the audio clip first and then the composite, and vice-versa, as if that would make a difference, out of desperation.    Any clues...?  Have done a number of searches on these boards, on YouTube and all of the 'net and have found nothing.


      Oh, Surface Book 2, 16GB RAM; Premiere Pro CC 2018, v. 12.0.1 "haberdasher."


      Thanks very much.