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    Dreamweaver Suddenly stops connecting to host

    paulismith Level 1

      Until yesterday, I haven't have any problems connecting to my websites through Dreamweaver. I have clients on several different hosts, and the problem is the same with all of them.


      Yesterday afternoon, I started getting server timeouts on a constant basis when trying to uploaded corrected pages to my server. By evening, the problem was to the point it was impossible to work.


      I checked out my internet speeds - OK. I then tested uploading files through the control panel on the server, worked fine, tried WS-ftp, no problem. Now today, I can't connect to any of my sites on any of the different servers through Dreamweaver. I am getting a different error message today than yesterday. Yesterday it was just connection timed out or connection lost, refresh and try again. Today, the error message is, "An FTP error occurred-cannot make connect to host. User limit reached or not authorized to make the connection."


      I calling my hosting company and after checking things out on their end, said that the problem is with Dreamweaver. I agree. As I mentioned above, using other ftp clients, the uploads worked fine. Something in Dreamweaver or something on my computer, is blocking the ftp transfer.


      Can anyone help?