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    photoshop having issues and freezing since update


      I have been having a lot of issues with photoshop since I updated to the newest version a few days back, my hotkeys have stopped working randomly and then started working again just as randomly, often I have to close the program or reset my computer to get them back working. The pen for my ugee tablet has been acting buggy and jumping around on the page when I am say trying to select colors or draw, the hot keys on the pen have also been randomly not working when I am trying to use it.


      Most frustratingly the program has been becoming completely unresponsive when I am using the polygon lasso tool eventually causing me to have to force the program to close using task manager or completely resetting the computer causing me to lose work.  I have been using photoshop for about 10 years now and have never experienced issues like this. both my tablet driver and windows are up to date and this all began when I updated photoshop.