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    I Want To Remove YouTube Logo from Responsive YouTube Widget

    fionab28232271 Level 1

      If I add a YouTube iFrame code to Adobe Muse, I can remove the YouTube logo and related videos by typing the code ?rel=0&modestbranding=1 inside the html code.

      This way, when my videos play, instead of the YouTube logo showing in the player, it shows my own watermark which I've uploaded onto my YouTube channel. The only problem is, this iFrame isn't responsive.


      If I want the YouTube video to be responsive, I can use the YouTube widget from the Widget Library under Socials. Here, there are options to turn off related videos and also Reduced Branding, which I assumed was the same as the modestbranding=1 solution I mentioned above. But instead, this option inserts a YouTube logo into the control bar of the player and doesn't allow my own watermark to show instead.


      I've tried toggling the Reduced Branding option off and on but it still shows the Youtube logo either way.


      Any thoughts on how I can fix or edit the widget to overcome this issue?