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    mx:HTML, HTML loaders & security

      I'm encountering a problem with a Air Flex application we are working on.

      As part of the application the user can specify a url to view - this is then loaded into a mx:HTML control. We then want to be able to wander through the HTML & the DOM and present this in a tree - very much like the HTML scout sample application.

      This works fine except when we hit a FRAME/IFRAME where the content comes from a different domain from that of the main page. Now we understand that in a typical browser application with javascript you wouldn't be able to access the content from the other domain, however we would expect to be able to do this given we are an application containing a browser component. It is possible to do this both with IE and in firefox flugins - Firebug being a good example of this.

      Is there anyway around this? We see the comments/documentation about sandboxes but this appears to be targetted at development of flex solutions with HTML.

      Any help gratefully received.