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    Dir 11 text enginge

      Hi everyone,
      Dir 11 seems to have some odd problems with it's "new" text enginge. When formatting a paragraph to "justify", the right border of the text is not in a perpendicular line. Instead, characters on the right border vary for a couple of pixels (up to 12px). Thus, the paragraph does not look as nice as it should. (see attached link for an example: justify-paragraph-example)

      Does anyone have a solution?
      Thanks, gstar
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          Martin Schaefer Level 1

          there's no solution yet for D11. I told you on directorforum.de, that the text engine is awful buggy. You'll have to wait for an update or stick with Director MX 2004, if perfectly justified text is crucial for your work.
          Cross-posting on other forums or mailing lists won't change the facts. ;)