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    The New 960 Page "Adobe Photoshop CC Help" Book is a Free Download

    Brian Stoppee Level 3

      Need Adobe’s “Help”? We’re referring to the user manuals, which Adobe calls “Help.” Adobe had been frequently updating these as PDF books.


      This week, Adobe has started to release the first set of CC books since June 2016 (they’re free downloads):

      * Adobe Illustrator CC Help (639 pages): http://helpx.adobe.com/pdf/illustrator_reference.pdf

      * Adobe InDesign CC Help (657 pages): http://helpx.adobe.com/pdf/indesign_reference.pdf

      * Adobe Photoshop CC Help (960 pages): http://helpx.adobe.com/pdf/photoshop_reference.pdf

      They’re promising more of these books, next month, to create a complete library for the family of apps, which come with the full CC subscription.


      Some of us remember when printed books came with the apps when they were sold in boxes with DVDs or floppy disks.


      But, why do we need user manuals in a digital age? Can’t you just get this stuff online? We have not tested every topic in the books, but historically, the books were a compilation of what you can search for on Adobe’s Support site: http://helpx.adobe.com. For many of us in ongoing higher education, books are a far more effective than topics online. The power of Adobe Acrobat allows us to electronically mark-up these electronic PDF documents, so they become something like a physical workbook. Acrobat DC’s editing power allows users to add digital sticky notes, do marker highlighting, scribble notes, etc. on computers and mobile devices.


      These books offer a great essential resource to corporate and governmental subscribers, who are surrounded by deep security, in an environment where Internet access is not provided.


      As big as those books are, we know of people who have them printed. These books are that important. For wise people studying for certification exams, they study these books cover to cover. They’re indispensable references for consultants, authors, and presenters, too. These books are Adobe’s official word on the use of their apps.


      So, thank you, Adobe. We hope other of the key media technology product suppliers will take notice and follow your lead.