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    Cant open a new doc in PS, BR cc


      i updated to cc 2018 and thats when i started to have issues.   i cant open from bridge or PS.  i called CS yesterday and they said to update my graphics driver, which i did. i gone through the preferences and changed multiple items, per this forum. ive rebooted many times.  ive tried just about everything and i still cannot open from either PS or BR.  now, i wasnt able to open a new document, but i changed under PREFERENCES, GENERAL and checked THE LEGASY and now i can open a new document, but i still cant open an existing doc from PS or BR. I can paste a pic in there but thats it.  seems like everyone who updated to 2018 is having a similiar problem. PS now crashes or freezes also.  i do graphic designs and this is UNACCEPTABLE. and  customer service isnt open on weekends...Anybody have any answers? this is sooooo frustrating. i run MS win 7 pro on my laptop HP elitebook