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    CS6 re-install


      been using CS6 since it came out. never had a problem. now I can't do anything with it. was suggested to uninstall and reinstall. Did that but now saying that sign in is required and when I try, I get the error.... "  Either you computer is offline or the clock on your computer is set wrong causing a connection error. Please contact customer Support. When I try nothing happens and it just takes me around in fricken circles to self-help topics which cover none of the issues I am having.  just want an answer to if I can still use CS6 or if I HAVE to purchase all the new stuff .

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          DelphiZoa Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Intensity,


          Usually that message pops up because your computer is unable to contact Adobe's activation servers for some reason. Have you tried all the steps in this help document? Resolve connection errors with Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite applications.


          If that doesn't resolve the issue and let you reinstall successfully, it will help us better troubleshoot if you can share a little more info. What operating system is your computer? Also, what exactly happened that made you uninstall and reinstall? Did the program just completely freeze or were you getting an error of some kind? Where any changes made to your computer between when CS6 was last working and when you decided to uninstall?

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