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    Import Devices List


      I import to Lightroom from my camera memory card which always is listed as "No Name".  Just recently other devices have been showing up in the list, repeated multiple times.  These include my time capsule, VM and a couple of other strange ones.  I suspect this may have something to do with sync, but I will never be importing from these and would like to remove them.  Any suggestions?

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Restart your Mac and check the list.

          The source/device list in the import dialog window, the left hand panel, will list all drives connected to your Mac. Even a networked drive if you have mounted it in Finder.

          If you don't want a drive to show there disconnect it from your system.

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            Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Restart your mac and they will be gone. This is a Mac OS X bug where it doesn't cleanly unmount disks including the time machine volume. You should be able to see the same disks in Disk Utility.

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              Gutsy4 Level 1

              Thank you; that seems to have worked! How do I disconnect it from my system.  If I do that, is it now longer connected to my computer?

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                Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                Post a screen shot of the import window.

                Restarting your Mac will remove the extra, ghost, drives from the list. This is a bug in OS X.

                As for your Time machine, Time Capsule, drive if it shows up in Finder it will show up in the Source, Device, list in the LR import window.

                There is nothing you can do about that. LR lists all drives in that area so you can select them and import images from them if you want to.

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                  Gutsy4 Level 1

                  Thank you.  I don't mind having it listed, but It was listed about ten times.  Anyway, they all disappeared when I restarted my computer, so I'm happy!